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Welcome To New World

Nation of Islam

In the Name of Allah, the Benficent, the Most Merciful, in the Person  of Our Father, the Most Hon. Mr. Elijah Muhammad, Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him Forever.

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In the Name of Allah, the Benficent, the Most Merciful, in the Person  of Our Father, the Most Hon. Mr. Elijah Muhammad, Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him Forever. And We Thank Master Fard Muhammad, Who came in the Person of Allah, in the year of 1930. He is the Manifestion of Almighty God, Allah. We will remember Him and Praise Him Forever and we will Honor Him by naming our childern after Him for at least one thousand years. And we thank Our Father, the Most Hon. Mr. Elijah Muhammad for raising The Field Supreme Minister of the New World Nation of Islam, The HolyTribe of Shabazz,  Ali Mahdi Muhammad.

We greet you, our beloved Black Brothers and Sisters with Peace to you in the Old World and Peace to you in the New World our Arabic tongue of As-Salaam Alaikum...and in Our New World's greeting of Peace, Peace.

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The Father of us All​


The  Most Hon. Mr. Elijah Muhammad is the Father of Us all. He taught us to be Muslims. He turned the hearts of our people back to our roots. He taught that the Black man is the Original man. The Maker, Owner and God of the Planet Earth. He made us X-negroes, X-slaves and X-christians. He raised us out of the mental graves of ignorance and into the everliving light that the Black man is God and the White man is the Devil.Our Father's mission was to prepare us for the arrival of the Saviour, whom He would raise, commission, make holy and teach to establish the New World Kingdom of Islam.

This is the Judgment Day, you are judged by your acceptance of the teachings of the Most Hon. Mr. Elijah Muhammad. You cannot be accepted by Fard unless you believe in Our Father first.The Saviour is now among us doing His work of gathering His people. He will lead us eastward to reclaim our own land and nation under the banner of the Sun, Moon and Star, which is Our Holy and Universal Flag of Islam.

The Key

The Key to understanding the Teachings of Our Father, the Most Honorable Mr. Elijah Muhammad, is to know that the Most Honorable Mr. Elijah Muhammad says what He means and means what He says. Nothing is wrong. Everything is in time and on time, all the time. The history is already written, in twenty-five thousand year cycles.

Our Father, the Most Hon. Mr. Elijah Muhammad said, before the Kingdom can come, there must be a falling away first. During the Night of Spiritual Darkness, the devil will cast one third of the Stars of God down to the ground. But a New Son and a New Day under the guidance of the Great Mahdi, will come. And he will turn the hearts of the children back to Our Father, the Most Hon. Mr. Elijah Muhammad.

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In the name of Allah in Muhammad, In the person of Master Fard Muhammad who came in the year 1930, July 4th. He is the manifestation of Allah. We will praise Him forever and we will name our children after Him for One Thousand Years (1,000). And we forever praise our Spiritual Father, the most honorable Elijah Muhammad, my Allah and your messenger He is the last God of the old world and the first God of the New World Nation of Islam. Peace, Peace!

House of Our Father’s Desire

By A.M. Muhammad

House: Everything in nature has a house, or home. Our mission statement from our Father, He said to us; “The duty of the Field Minister is to teach in the field, but he doesn’t teach on the street corners. He goes into the houses and teach. After you have enough people who believe as you believe, then we give you the Mosque. You must go in and amongst our people and solve their problems the best we can; of food, clothing, shelter and a job.” Those were the marching orders given to us in 1960. The house is the smallest unit in the nation. The strength of this unit are its rules and laws which defines our way of life. Everything in nature has a way to live, or way of life. The house, or home is Gods Temple and the rules of the house make you God-like. You can’t have a nation, or civilization without principles, rules and laws.

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught us that our job is to find and raise the lost but now found Holy Tribe of Shabazz, the God Tribe. Our divine mission is to bring in Judgment Day, and the resurrection of the righteous.

You are judged by your acceptance of the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, as almighty God Allah. Accept Him and live,

reject Him and you will go down in the burning fire with the devil. The hell fire that will burn for three hundred and ninety years.

Our orders to go into prison and raise some more ministers for the nation came from our Father, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad,

Himself, not from someone else. We did what He told us to do. It took a little time, but it is done. We did it. We pray that

our Father find us worthy to bear His name.

He didn’t leave a stone unturned in His instructions to us. He (Elijah) told us that we, the field supreme staff of the Nation of Islam,

are in charge of the Muslims, wherever we go. We are the appointed Field Supreme Staff of the Old World Nation

of Islam, and the New World Nation of Islam.

Fifteen years the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, taught the Field Supreme Staff, the keys to our supreme wisdom. So,

we are the wisest scientists of the Nation because we are the only ones with keys to the proper understanding

of the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

He (Elijah) instructed us on what to teach and how to teach, and all the things that we must do to raise our Nation.

He never stopped telling us what to do, right on up until His passing in 1975.

The Old World is on its way out and the New World is on its way in. It is time for all Elijah Muslims to wake up, stand up, report for

duty and help Ali Mahdi Muhammad, build the house of our Father’s Desire. May Allah bless us all. Peace, Peace!

Field Supreme Minister,

Ali Mahdi Muhammad

Leader and Teacher of the New World Nation of Islam

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